Who We Are

We are a team of Architects, Planners, and Interior Designers focused on designing high-quality, educational spaces that support and promote Next Generation Learning.

Our History

The history of our Portland studio dates to 1983, when three architects formed a firm called DOWA, or Dull Olson Weekes Architects. After a few years of working in various sectors, DOWA focused almost exclusively on designing K-12 facilities for school districts in Oregon and Southern Washington. In 2010, the three founding principals sold the firm to Arcadis, meaning that over the past twelve years we have operated as DOWA IBI Group, Arcadis IBI Group, and now Arcadis.

Our Seattle-based team of school design specialists has always been an important part of our presence in the Pacific Northwest and was part of Arcadis brand until our recent acquisition by Arcadis.

Throughout these transitions, our message has been consistent: “same great people, same great service, different name.”

Our Core Values

Our success is firmly based upon a core set of principles we embody in our work as architects and designers. These principles form our practice philosophy and are the foundation for all our decisions.

Design: We strive to continue to be recognized as industry leaders in design through our evidence-based and learner-focused design process.

Service: We serve our clients through partnership and collaboration. Our team approaches every project by listening, seeking out inspiration and advocating for excellence.

Culture: Our studio is a place for growth, collaboration, and fun, where everyone is valued.

We are dedicated to sustainability, resiliency and reducing our impact on the planet through our projects and processes. Arcadis is a proud signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment.

Where Do We Work?

The Pacific Northwest Education practice has been a part of projects across North America and beyond. We access the firm’s global expertise and best practices and proudly share it with our local clients when delivering projects. Our major focus has always been, and will remain, School Districts in Oregon and Washington.

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