Corvallis High School Corvallis School District | Corvallis, OR

In February 2002, Corvallis School District launched a design process for the replacement of Corvallis High School. The vision was to create an educationally engaging and cost-effective facility that would serve the needs of students and the community for many years to come. Central to the design process was the 40-member design committee consisting of community members, staff, parents, and students.

The new Corvallis High School is designed to accommodate 1,600 students in 258,000 square feet. Within the new building, “The Forum” was designed at the end of the entry lobby as a place of geographic, symbolic, and wayfinding importance, where display opportunities are found for sharing and showcasing excellence. Adjacent to the Forum are paths to the Student Center and the Classroom/Media Center. In this two-story instructional wing, classrooms are clustered in groups of four or five and supported by a common area. Classroom clusters are linked by a corridor that loops the new CHS Media Center, an open, double-height room that is the heart of this academic wing.

Corvallis High School was awarded LEED Gold Certification, an even higher LEED level than had initially been established with the citizens of Corvallis at the outset of the project.

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