Ridgeview High School Redmond School District | Redmond, OR

Designed with a vision to push educational innovation by integrating learner-directed, collaboration generating, collegial project-based learning spaces, the new high school is a next generation facility that will serve future learners to come.

Creative solutions were developed to design spaces to accommodate the learners of the future without sacrificing function. Adaptable learning spaces are clustered to encourage interdisciplinary learning and small group, project-based learning. Several rooms include operable walls between them, allowing for larger lectures and flexibility into the future.

To address the changing economic climate, it was essential to provide students with opportunities to study more hands-on trades, in addition to traditional classroom study. A complete culinary lab, TV/video production lab, medical, dental, drafting and engineering labs were designed to be state of the art, providing students with opportunities similar to what they would experience in a trades school.

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