Scouters Mountain Elementary School North Clackamas School District | Happy Valley, OR

Scouters Mountain Elementary School is composed of one- and two-story wings on either side of a central entrance. The classroom and media center portions are arranged in the compact, two-story west wing. The gym, cafeteria, and support areas are located in the opposing one-story wing. Linking the two is a single-story entrance, main office, and central hall.

The classrooms are clustered in groups of three at the corners of a rectangular building wing which incorporates cut-outs at the central portions between the rooms that allow daylight to stream through the middle of the building. Directly outside the classrooms are common areas for teaching/learning uses as an adjunct to direct classroom instruction.

At the core of the classroom wing is a double-height Media Center. In this position, the Media Center is a strong focal point for the school and a convenient connection to classroom and common area activity. The media center is open and exposed on both sides and is equipped with movable furniture at the perimeter, which provides maximum flexibility in room configuration.

A daylit central hall is a unique “winter garden” room with open views to the southeast and includes side-by-side exposed stairs leading to the upper floor. To the left of the entrance lobby is a cafeteria, stage, and gymnasium beyond.

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