Jaime Levesque

Jaimie Levesque Steel

Marketing Specialist

“My marketing philosophy has always been based on the concept of passionate advocacy. When you work with a team that desires to create change in the world, there are so many stories to celebrate and share.”

A versatile marketing professional with over a decade of experience, Jaimie is skilled at developing and supporting innovative strategies, maintaining customer relationships, and embracing a wide range of tools, solutions, and methodologies. She has developed social media initiatives for a diverse range of clients, utilizing online platforms for informed, thoughtful brand building and advocacy.

Adept at copyediting, proofreading, writing and proposal coordination, Jaimie has a proven aptitude for analysis, editing and organization.

She leads the Marketing Team for the PNW K-12 Education practice and takes pride in her team’s approach to business development, polished graphic design and concise, engaging proposal submissions.

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