Our Culture

When you join our team, you join a team of committed, enthusiastic, talented folks. We’re proud of the projects we’ve delivered and even more proud of the positive collaborative culture we have in our PNW studios.

We believe in transparency, accountability and inclusion. We support one another as we work together to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. 


Our Approach to Sustainability

Our goal on every project is to minimize the environmental impact of our work. We value sustainability, adaptability, and resiliency in the structures we build.

We have delivered many buildings that have strong environmental credentials, and we’ve found ways to celebrate sustainable design components in ways that provide educational tools for students. We are proud participants in the AIA 2030 commitment and provide ongoing project reporting.


Our Approach to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are strong advocates for JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) practices in everything we do, both as a studio and with our clients. We measure our levels of diversity as a practice against 2020 census data for the US and have been taking intentional steps over several years to increase our levels of representation. We have a JEDI committee that regularly publishes a newsletter, which can be seen on our publications page. JEDI is not just a concept to us but a commitment to keep questioning, learning, and working to provide a safe, equitable space for all.

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