Redmond High School Redmond School District | Redmond, OR

The Redmond High School remodel project reflects goals and guiding principles developed over visioning sessions with key stakeholders including district representatives, students, community members, and administrative and academic staff. The existing building, with its heavy Corten steel, exposed concrete columns, and stucco walls, had a tired, outdated appearance. Most of the rooms at the perimeter of the building had no windows and thus no natural daylight. Students and staff wanted to update the exterior and create an inviting entrance, requiring aesthetics to be balanced with the building infrastructure and life safety updates which were essential to the modernization project.

Essential updates included remodeling restrooms and ramps to meet ADA standards, updating the fire sprinkler system, replacement of chillers, electrical switchgear and retrofit of HVAC, as well as door hardware upgrades throughout and encapsulation of asbestos. Creating an inviting entrance was the highest priority, giving the building a sense of identity and a clearly defined front door. The classroom remodel was the second priority and the most important area for the interior remodel to create an updated learning environment for the student population.

In updating the main entrance and classroom wings, the entire administrative area was also remodeled and consolidated to one location at the main entrance. The result is a more functional, updated, modernized facility with an identity that instills pride in the staff, students, and community.


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